Edit Depth of Field

Edit Depth of Field 2.0

Bring objects in the foreground into focus


  • Adds stunning focus effects to any image
  • Doesn't require expensive lenses
  • Simple to use


  • Can ruin images when combining tilt and blurring effects
  • No tutorials

Very good
Have you ever marveled at those pictures where the objects in the foreground have been given a special focus to make them standout?

Usually it takes the work of a brilliant photographer or special focus lens to achieve such an effect but you can do it too with any photo using Edit Depth of Field. Edit Depth of Field allows you to focus the viewer on the subject of a photo by bringing it into sharp contrast and blurring the background. What's great about this tool is is malleability - you can drag and pull the image distortion until the focus is at a point you're satisfied with.

There are two main modes - The Planar Mode is a 3D tilting effect that simulates the tilt effect of a tilt-shift lens. With this you can increase or decrease the amount of blur across a plane such as a road or landscape. This also gives your image a slightly concave look that gives the effect of seeing it from ground level. The other mode is Selection Mode which allows you to use a soft brush to create an effect on a specific selection. Used in combination, these can produce excellent results although they can also make your image look like a right mess - because over-blurring and tilting the image just looks terrible.

Perhaps this is the only drawback - some tutorial to help you achieve the best results would have been useful although a little trial and error goes a long way.

If you want to add a professional looking focus effect to your images without having to splash out on professional equipment, then Edit Depth of Field is sure to impress.

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Edit Depth of Field


Edit Depth of Field 2.0

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